Next to Google Page rank the mostly considered parameter for blogging success in Alexa rank.Though Alexa rank will not provide any SEO benefits to your blog but when when you want sell advertising space in your blog then you have to improve your Alexa rank.Yes many advertisers target mainly on Alexa rank next to blog’s traffic.So if you want to monetize your blog by selling ad space then you must consider in increasing your alexa rank.Here are some well known but not followed tips for all users who want to increase their Alexa rank.These are the tips that helped me to attain good alexa rank.

Tip1-Install Alexa Toolbar/Alexa Widget To Your Blog:
The first step in Increasing Alexa rank is to install alexa toolbar and add alexa widget to your blog.Sites with alexa widget installed ranks much better than sites without the widget installed.You may visit your blog many times a day and if you have installed alexa toolbar then even your visit is considered in Alexa website ranking.

Tip2-Try To Get Search Engine Traffic And Quality Backlinks:
Optimize your blog with SEO techniques and make your blog search engine friendly.If your blog get more organic traffic then your Alexa rank will increase gradually.The very next thing to concentrate next to organic traffic is getting quality backlinks.No matter how much backlink you may get but make sure that most of them are of high quality.

Tip3-Post Consistently:
Not only for increasing Alexa rank but also the ultimate success depends upon consistent posting.Try to be consistent and post at regular intervals and try to publish post at particular time.By doing this you will see some postive changes in Alexa ranking and also your blog’s overall success in quick time.

The above tips helped me a lot in attaining a decent Alexa rank.Share your experience in increasing your alexa rank of your blog.

Imran Mir

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