Top best 3 Free Fire Max Characters that need a buff in the OB34 update

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Due to their abilities and additional opportunities for constructing combos, characters are one of the most essential parts of Free Fire MAX. On this front, the developers have barely disappointed the players, since new ones have been launched at regular intervals.

Furthermore, since the Free Fire OB27 update, the characters have been the main focus. The developers have been constantly honing their skills in order to provide the greatest possible experience. They’ve also tweaked the previous ones so that they may be reintegrated into the meta.

Despite the numerous balance changes, the game still needs to upgrade or modify several characters in the upcoming OB34 update to bring them into the fray and encourage more players to use them on a regular basis.


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that the writer’s viewpoint may differ from that of the readers. Furthermore, there is no order to this list.

Free Fire MAX characters that need a buff in the OB34 update

1) Antonio

Antonio (Image via Garena)
Antonio (Image via Garena)

Ability: Gangster’s Spirit


Antonio was a criminal who grew up as an orphan.

Antonio’s ability is simple to understand, as players gain ten additional HP at the start of each round. Furthermore, the bonus HP increases as the player’s level increases, with gamers receiving 35 HP at the sixth level.

Despite the fact that many people still utilize it in CS and BR mode, the ability is ineffective. Many argue that in the Clash Squad mode, gamers would gain 35 HP at the start of each match. However, this HP merely entails taking one or two extra bullets, making it ineffective.

As a result, the increased HP has less of an impact and makes the character less appealing. As a result, with the Free Fire MAX OB34 update, the developers can explore enhancing the character.

2) Paloma

Paloma (Image via Garena)
Paloma (Image via Garena)

Ability: Arms-Dealing


Paloma is the underworld’s reigning arms queen.

Paloma allows players to carry 45 more rounds of ammunition. This does not, however, include ammunition for Grenade Launchers. At higher levels, gamers can carry even more ammunition, with a maximum of 120 rounds.

Since the introduction of Jai, players have had less trouble with ammunition shortages, and the game’s Raging Reload feature is sufficient for regaining bullets after taking down opponents. As a result, during close-range clashes with several opponents, Jai reduces the need to reload frequently.

Paloma’s ability can be reworked in the same way that Caroline and Nikita’s abilities were reworked to encourage more players to use it.

3) Thiva

Thiva (Image via Garena)
Thiva (Image via Garena)

Ability: Vital Vibes

Description: Thiva is a rising singer-musician star.

Vital Vibes increases the pace of rescue by 15%, and after a successful rescue, the user gains 25 HP in five seconds. The speed of the resurrection rises by 30% at the maximum level, and users receive an additional 50 HP.

In the Free Fire MAX OB33 update, Thiva received a buff, although she still pales in comparison to Oliva in the support role of delivering more HP on resurrection. At the greatest level, Olivia provides the revived players with an additional 80 HP. Thiva, on the other hand, only provides 50 additional health points in five seconds. Furthermore, the 30 percent boost in rescue speed is insufficient to compensate for the HP differential.

Thiva is among the least influential characters released as part of the collaboration. Thus, it deserves a buff in the OB34 update.

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