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In this Website Traffic Secrets article I want to share my views on website traffic and hopefully remove a lot of the blown up hype surrounding it. OK, so you have found this article so I know you are interested in Internet Marketing in general and probably home business ideas in particular.
Website traffic seret
Maybe you have a conventional high street business and you want to market your services or product on the Internet and that’s fine too. What you want is to attract lots of visitors to your website to see what you have to offer and that is by increasing the Traffic!!! Conversion rates are notoriously low so the more hits you can generate to your site, the more chance you have to get sales. Look out at the end of this article for a great tip on this.
Keyword Research
Using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, choose a high traffic phrase (not too high) from your website main page (or index page). A tip here: make sure you look at the left hand column and untick ‘broad’ and tick ‘exact’ for a more accurate result. Then from the list of lower traffic phrases that the tool gives you, pick some of the less competitive phrases for your articles. Don’t worry if a phrase only has a small monthly global search of say 50 as you have a better chance of those searching for that phrase coming to your site.
Long Tail Keywords
Choosing a high search phrase just means you will get buried by the competition and are unlikely to get any visitors. If you concentrate on building up your presence on the Internet using long tail phrases then over time your monthly visitors will start to rise and then you can go for more competitive keyword phrases. An example of this is my website which has ‘best home business ideas’ as one of the primary keywords on my main page which has a global search of 590 which is too many for my website or blog article so I could use a long tail keyword phrase as the title of my article such as ‘successful home based business ideas’ which has a search oh 58.
Keyword research and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) go hand in hand but it is important to understand how they booth impact on your business. There are numerous ways to get Traffic to your website but I find that the most effective is SEO. Using search engines is by far the best way to get Traffic mainly because is costs you nothing but also because visitors are more targeted by these engines because they are actually searching for information using keywords that you have used to optimise your article.
Knowing Website Traffic Secrets if essential to business success as well as writing interesting, informative and optimised articles as this is the key to getting them indexed by search engines. The engines will drive that traffic for you and after that it is up to you to sell your product or services and make the visitor happy that they have found your site. There is a link in my bio below to help you with website traffic, enjoy.

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