Why WordPress Is The Best Cms Platform For Every Bloggers

Every Blogger know about WordPress cms.WordPress Is The best cms platform for every  blogger.More than 60% websites build in WordPress cms.WordPress First Release on 27 may 2003 by Ryan Boren, Mark Jaquith, Matt Mullenweg, Andrew Ozz, Peter Westwood.Its Build in Php script.

If you are using WordPress as your blogging Platform,You surely know about its power as blogging cms.What makes WordPress Different from others ?There are many reason for using WordPress as blogging Platform then others.Like every other cms WordPress also having some benefit and drawbacks.I ‘ll discuss both in my article.

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Why WordPress Is The Best Cms Platform For Every Bloggers

Open Source:-The best thing about WP is It’s an open Source software,So any one can download it free.

Free themes:-There are thousands of free or premium WordPress theme available for download.You can download any theme according to your choice.You just need to search for a perfect theme.

Plugins:-Plugins is the set of written codes for adding specific abilities in WP.There are thousands of free or paid WordPress Plugins available  for download to add abilities which not included in WP Cms,So it’s really easy to add or remove any ability which you like or don’t like.

Seo Optimized:-Wp is already 70%  Optimized for Search Engines so you don’t need to worried much about your Seo,By configuring  some options you can make your blog 100% Seo Optimized.

Easy To customized:-As WP is open source project so anyone can modify its codes and make’s it as he like. There are thousands of WordPress Tutorial available on web to helping you in  Customizing you WordPress cms.By-using these Tutorials you can design your blog according to your requirement.

There are many more benefits of using Wp As your Cms Platform.

Now its time to look some Drawbacks of WordPress Cms.


Easily Hacked:- As Wp is open source cms so any one can easily download and identify its loop holes and Hacked your Blog,To protect your blog begin  hacked you need to follow certain steps which described here.

Cost:-You need to purchase a domain name and a hosting account to use WordPress.

Technical Skills Required:-Well as i told you above that thousands of WordPress Tutorial available on web for helping you,But you still need to have some technical Skills to work with WordPress.

There are few more drawbacks with WordPress but still WordPress is  The Best Cms Platform For Every Bloggers.

What about you do you agree with above mentions point or you have any other idea.Do share with us.

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